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In this course you will get deep knowledge of ML model development with Python, Classification and Regression, Model improvements Techniques and so on...

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Way to Learn Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Training in Pune provides you the timeline and steps to learn Machine Learning


Where do I Start?

First you need to download and install Development Toolkit. Once you installed the SDK no one can resist you to write simple Machine Learning Program. We are on the way to provide you the brief tutorials on Java programming.

Download and Install IDE You Like

IDE stands for (Integrated Development Environment). It is very powerful and useful tool in development process. there are many IDEs out there but we recommend you to use Spyder or VS Code.

Machine Learning Training Course Syllabus

Our main goal is to deliver Machine Learning Course without leaving any topic. We designed it in such a way that no single topic will remain and complete it in given timeline.

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Course Contents

Definition ,scope and applications, Current Industry scenario and requirement of skill set, Hardware & software requirement for execution, Frameworks for implementation & comparison, Software installation with necessary IDE

Python basic & revision, Python data structures & function, Pandas installation and applications for machine learning, Numpy installation and application for machine learning, Matplotlib installation and visualization applications, Seaborn installation and visualization applications

Basic statistics techniques for ML, Data types in ML and preprocessing methods, Data exploration techniques for ML, Types of machine learning methods, Overview of implementation of machine learning, Introduction to Scikit Learn Library

First tutorial of basic ML with supervised method, Feature selection criteria of data used in ML, Bias and variance influence on ML model, Resampling methods and its requirement, Evaluation metrics of ML model, Regression methods implementation using Scikit Learn, Classification methods types using Scikit Learn

Tutorial on logical regression Decision Tree implementation, KNN method implementation, SVM method Implementation, Naive Bayes method implementation, Ensemble methods need and types, Random forest method implementation

Regularisation methods and implementation, Algorithmic tuning with hyper parameters, Unsupervised methods, K means clustering method and implementation, PCA method implementation

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